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A  501(c) (3)  non-profit organization formed  in
        loving memory of Jodi Ball

To all the people who followed Jodi with her blog;, you know the word Believe was special to her. After she passed away and we thought of different names for the organization we knew the word Believe would be in it. It was Jodi’s son, Nathan, who came up with “Just Believe” because it had the same initials as his Mom!

Jodi will be missed, but with this organization, her caring and giving way, her wonderful smile, and her attitude toward adversity will live on.

You can contact Just Believe by:

Just Believe
50 Edgewood Dr.
Marquette, MI  49855

906-346-6362 or (Delight)
906-249-1558 or (Kris)

Jodi Ball Inspired Just Believe